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A new generation of deepwater weapon tasting magnetic Panerai diving watch

Founded in Italy in 1860 clock watch brand Panerai ( Panerai ) With the accumulation of years of excellent production technology with timeless yet unique combination of stylish design, today became the leading world clock watch brand, recently released a brand new PAM00389 Luminor Submersible Amagnetic watches. This time the new reservations Panerai Luminor series of label design, but it added more black elements, in addition to setting outside the black surface to spend, rarely in the bezel also spend part of the black build, with rich sports-style black strap, compared to the same series of works more than a rough sense of vitality and a sense of Huang. The official number is: PAM00389

It is called Sham weapon, in fact, is derived from his unique magnetic technology, this diving watch is relatively rare, the next article will be a full range of analysis for everyone this watch.

The launch of the PAM 389 case diameter of 47 mm brushed titanium metal, in addition to continuation of the classic Panerai genes, this paragraph was undoubtedly the biggest points to 300 meters water resistance, and its “magnetic” in nature and single titanium bezel rotating diving.


In the selection of colors that use a lot of black, the disk in addition to the traditional design of Panerai pointer and time stamp, the six o’clock position and the position of the red-white text and black produce a strong contrast increases the overall readability.
This watch is designed to have a characteristic of its decision to become the new Panerai watch is suitable for rotating titanium bezel, by the model by the Panerai for the Egyptian Navy in the 1950s inspired, and is a opaque black ceramic disc, clockwise rotating bezel to measure time, to prevent accidental movement of the interference measuring diving time.
Crown for the bridge has not changed much, the same brushed titanium metal. In the watch industry in this unique design for the bridge not only better protect the crown while now also sign Panerai one of the genes.
Setting watch small seconds dial at the nine o’clock position, on a scale and pointer are covered with luminous layers for easy reading in insufficient light conditions.
Bottom of the table does not use a sapphire crystal back through the design, it is worth mentioning that this watch is the biggest feature is the magnetic performance through internal structure design watches province forms a Faraday induction flow, so that the watch does not itself close external magnetic interference to ensure the accuracy of travel time watch.
PAM00389 Panerai P.9000 equipped with self-winding movement , familiar with its friends certainly know that this is the Panerai own R & D movement, a thickness of 7.9 mm thick, 28 jewels and oscillates at 28,800 . Two barrel so that it includes the use of a three-day long power reserve.